This platform is a tool designed for networking with-in the Vermont food system.

By sharing our skills and products;  we can collectively build a resilient infrastructure.

Utilizing the practice of transparent accountability, trust becomes this collectives currency. 

That trust is grown with every direct action rooted in mutual aid

Solidarity is our bi-product. 

Because everyone eats, and we are in this together


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To transparently manage ownership, growth, & finances with-in this site 

We have set up an account with OpenCollective.com

By making a financial contribution to the collective account,

you will become an equitable owner/member

with full input & voting power for Foodfightvt.com


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Owner/members are the curators of this collective common

By creating an open & fully visible account through Loomio.org

we are utilizing this consent based platform

for all governance, systems & decision making

through horizontal & cooperative voting. 

While anyone can view the governance page,

becoming an owner automates full access.


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