$100 Von Trapp Whey Fed Pork Meat Mixer

Hi All- 

The Von Trapp Farmstead is excited to announce a monthy non-commital Meat CSA in the form of "Meat Mixers!" How does it work? Each month we assemble a mixture of our Whey fed pork and or organic beef from the Von Trapp Farmstead.  These packages average 11-15lbs of locally sourced pasture raised meat.  You can then come to our farm to pick it up.  Direct from producer to consumer! Didnt finish your bag of meat this month? no problem! let us know when your ready for another and we will happily sell to you when you are ready! 

Our pigs are not certified organic but we work with the Von Trapp Cremery (organic whey), Red Hen Bakery in Middlesex, Lawsons Finest Liquids, Mehruons Market and the Mad Taco of Waitsfield.   Our pigs eat the biproducts of each of these companies to reduce waste and grow strong and healthy on a beautiful pasture here in Fayston.

This months Meat Mixer includes:

- 1 full rack of Baby Back  or  1 full rack of St. Louis style Spare Ribs

- 3-5 lbs of mixed Pork chops (loin chops, center chops + rib chops) 

- 2-4 lbs Country style ribs 

- 2-4 lbs Hot Italian sausage  


For a total of 12-13 lbs of locally sourced pasture raised Pork! 

This months mixer is $100  cash or check made payable to  the Von Trapp Farmstead

Send an email to [email protected] if your interested and we can arrange a pick up time!