Call for Donations for Asylum Seekers

The VT chapter of Herbalists Without Borders is collecting donations, herbal and otherwise, to send to the asylum seekers  (primarily Honduran) currently located in and around Tijuana, Mexico. We need herbs, as well as first aid products, miscellaneous survival gear, and cash to help pay for the customs fees that are being demanded at the border.

Examples of what we need:

Herbs: Bulk Herb, Syrups and/or tincture for:

 Respiratory Support- especially due to recent tear gassing

Immune Support- colds and flus common

Stress and Nervous System Support

Topicals for scabies, tension and minor wounds (salves and powders)

First Aid: Band aids, bandages, ibuprofen, antiseptics, etc

Gear: Towels, tarps, baby diapers, wipes, menstrual hygiene products, etc

Cash: Any amount helps and will not be wasted! People are being charged between $30-$50 or more when crossing the border with boxes. Shipping herbs cost about $11-50 per box. 

You can donate to Herbalists Without Borders VT to pay for shipping costs or you can donate directly to organizers on the ground. Here are some options for folx to donate to:

Pueblo Sin Fronteras

Go Fund Me for Love&Support Across the Border

Families Belong Together

Well-labeled donations can be dropped off at Railyard Apothecary (at the end of Battery St in Burlington) between now and DECEMBER 12. For more information or resources please contact us at [email protected]

Thank you!

Herbalists Without Borders VT chapter