Creating Plant & Pollinator Sanctuaries in Gardens and Farms

Join with garden devotees and enthusiasts, on March 14th at the Fletcher Free Library, to learn how to increase pollinator habitat as well as provide sanctuary for endangered and threatened plants of Vermont. We will meet some plant species which can diversify the landscape you inhabit, and the insects and animals who benefit from their presence. We will also review some of the threatened and endangered plants of Vermont and their habitat preferences. Educational curriculum accompanying these botanical wonders, and a botanist’s views on rewilding and a balanced approach to ‘emerging natives’ are also areas we may explore depending upon the group flow.

​John Hayden from The Farm Between, an organic fruit farm and fruit conservation nursery, is an entomologist and pollinator enthusiast. He has over 35 years experience working in regenerative agriculture as an organic farmer, researcher, and university educator.
Jessica Rubin of Mycoevolve, an ecological resilience service, is an earthworker, educator, mentor, researcher, and regenerative collaborator. She provides support to grow soil, diversify habitat, conserve wild corridors, & remediate for watershed protection.

This event is family friendly and by donation - we suggest $10 to support our guest instructors and our ongoing educational programs and community projects. RSVP on our Facebook page!