Decker Tower Resident Meetings

Hi friends-

I have been supporting residents at Decker Towers for almost a year now as they start a resident association. They have been working tirelessly to create a community venue where people could come together, voice their needs, and find ways to support one another. A key way they pull people into the meetings is **food** but the residents are all on fixed incomes and have not yet gotten to a place where they can fundraise.


We have meetings once a month, and the next meeting is on May 25th. Any and alll donations would be accepted with gratitude.

More than that- in the future residents wants to start utilizing their kitchen to provide more consistent meals for their neighbors. If anyone has insight on organizing community meals, ambition, some free time, advice, or a resource to direct us to, we would welcome the help.


The residents at Decker Towers hope to bridge their community within the greater community of Burlington, and to find ways to combat the stigma that has been attached to their building for so long.