Do you have swede midge on your farm?

Swede midge, a small invasive fly, is a serious pest of cruciferous vegetable crops in Vermont, New York, Ontario, Québec, and other neighboring states and provinces. Small scale organic vegetable farms are at high risk for economic losses due to this pest. The University of Vermont Insect Agroecology & Evolution Lab is currently researching new alternatives to insecticides for swede midge management. To better serve the needs of regional growers, we are conducting a survey of commercial vegetable growers in the U.S. and Canada to determine where losses due to swede midge are occuring, and whether growers are willing to try and pay for new technologies to manage this pest. 

If you're a vegetable grower who deals with swede midge, please help us by filling out our survey! You could win an Amazon Fire tablet!

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