Flatlander Farm CSA and Pre-Order Chicken, Duck and Goose

Howdy Fellow Food Fighters,


Flatlander Farm is offering a Pastured Chicken Share for our slow growing, delicious chicken. You can sign up here: http://www.flatlanderfarm.com/2017-csa-sign-up.html

Only one week left to sign up for a share, doing so helps us plan for the season and saves you money.


You can also pre-order our Pastured Duck, Pastured Black Label Chicken and new this season Pastured Goose: http://www.flatlanderfarm.com/pre-order-pastured-duck-black-label-chicken-and-pastured-goose.html


More info about how we raise our animals and what makes our pastured meat so unique over at our website: www.FlatlanderFarm.com




Lisa and Keith