Food Incubator & Commercial Kitchen Space Available

Hi all, Pitchfork Farm has a commerical kitchen space and a walk-in cooler out at Fort Ethan Allen in Colchester - great spot to incubate a food business, food truck, value added business, catering etc etc. We're seeking members rather than hourly rates. [email protected]

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What would you charge for an minimal access Member.? I’m looking for a place to prep around 6 hours per week. I don’t require much storage space. The purpose would be prepping for a food truck opening in May. I’m friendly and as neat and respectful of others space as they come. Thanks, Jean-Luc
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Hi Jean-Luc, we're working on a pricing structure and trying to determine what peoples needs are. Be on the lookout for a survey in the next day or two, and we'll get back to you. Thanks for your interest! Eric & Rob