Free Permaculture Class - Weds June 7th, 5:30pm

Hey All! This is our first post - Burlington Permaculture is returning from a short dormancy and we're offering a free evening introductory permaculture class this coming Wednesday, June 7th, at 5:30 pm in the Fletcher Free Library! Details on the class - "The History and Future of Permaculture Design: An Introduction" are detailed below - please share widely as we're a bit last minute with the announcement! We'd love to see as many people there as we can fit - the event is free and open to All, no matter who you are and what your familiarity with permaculture. Thanks!


Permaculture - or ‘permanent {agri}culture’- is a holistic design science aimed at creating more connected, productive, and ecologically regenerative human landscapes. While practiced at scales ranging from back decks to bioregions, permaculture originates in an application to small farms, homesteads, and land-based, community-oriented, micro-enterprises.

This Introduction to Permaculture is intended to both introduce students to the concept and serve as an 'update' or 'refresher' for those more familiar with principles.  We'll introduce the topic, and cover some of the personal history of permaculture in Vermont and the Northeast, while exploring permaculture as a collaborative response to crises inspired by and allied with ecology and indigenous cultures around the world.  We'll dive  into practical examples of how permaculture can be immediately applied from balconies to broad regions- and explore the implied 'decolonization' of our food, energy, shelter, and waste management systems, to begin meeting human needs while increasing ecological health!

Join Burlington Permaculture with professional farm designer Keith Morris, coppice-agroforestry specialist Mark Krawczyck, and long-time designer/instructor Alissa White to explore the history, theory, implementation, and future of permaculture design for a new era.

The meeting is open to the public and free. Please bring a friend and an open mind!


When: Wednesday, June 7th. 5:30 - 8:00pm

Where: Fletcher Free Library (Community Room)

Admission: Free!

What You’ll Need: A pen, pad, and an open mind!

Let us know you can make it on our Facebook Event page, and you can Follow Burlington Permaculture on FB and sign up for our email list at