Greetings, friends.

Old Growth Alchemy began as a way to share illuminations of ongoing study in folk herb craft, lore, story, and traditional witchery through creations and interaction with the sensuous, animate earth. This project begun in the spirit of plant connection and appreciation and has since blossomed into an array of concoctions which I will be unveiling soon at local stores and events in Burlington and surrounding areas. 

This work is a journey and exploratory process. While I take great enjoyment out of crafting and brewing botanical goods on my own, my desire is to share them and the learning I glean along the way with all interested. I am currently and will be continuously making small batch botanicals ranging from bitters, body oils, incense, salves, smudge bundles, and an array of skin/body care items. If you are interested, I would love to share my creations with you and am open to barter or purchase. I also have a Patreon where you can more directly support the work and receive personal monthly gifts.

In wonderment and curiosity,

Ashley Nunez, creatrix