Happy Balls Making Deliveries!

Hello! My name is Holly and I own and operate a local Burlington cottage business with my daughter. We are still in production and making deliveries!

These tasty morsels are a fantastic way to build immunity and feel great during these tough times. Happy Balls are not a frivolous snack! They can also be an excellent meal replacement option.

Each ball is packed with powerful super-food micro-nutrients; such as spirulina, a power-packed mushroom blend, and dates to sweeten. Organic nut-butters made fresh daily. Vegan, Gluten-free options available.

Our Burlington residents get wholesale prices and home delivery for just $1! You may want to run out and hug us in gratitude, but we will dodge and evade to stay in compliance with county regulations. In accordance with social distancing, we will place the sanitized bags at your doorstep.

Local same-day delivery if ordered before 9am.

The Happy Balls team takes consistent, necessary precautions. We spray the bags, labels and all utensils before we prepare, during and after to assure everyone's safety. We also disinfect before we make our deliveries.

Check out our website, it has all the delicious info you need.