Imagining an Ecological Economy

Wednesday, November 8th, from 6 - 8pm, join us at the Fletcher Free Library's Fletcher Room for a presentation on ecological economics with David Maynard and Sam Bliss.

"When we think about the economy, we think about money. But an economy is a physical system that turns nature into wealth and waste -- and the wealth eventually becomes waste, too. Today, wealth concentrates among very few people, including many of us in Burlington, while the rest of humanity deals with the waste and its effects, like climate change and environmental toxicity and degradation. To transition toward a more ecological and just economic system, we need new ways of thinking about the economy in nature and as nature. This workshop will cover a some of the important concepts of ecological economics. Together, we will think about how to transform our community's economic metabolism -- what comes in and what goes out, as well as what and how we produce and consume in Burlington and beyond."

David Maynard has lived off the grid and homesteaded for almost 30 years.  His background is in chemistry and biology and has taught movement in Waldorf schools for 15 years.

Sam Bliss is a PhD candidate at the University of Vermont, studying decommodifying food as part of an initiative called Economics for the Anthropocene.


We hope to see you there, 

Your Burlington Permaculture Team


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This event, as always, is family friendly, open to the public and by donation. We kindly suggest a donation of $10/person to support our awesome guest instructors.