Make sure you aren’t investing in GMO Producing Companies and other GMO stocks.

Many well-meaning organic farmers and supporters may not be aware that their personal investments are supporting the very companies they are fighting against.  That’s because

certain companies are owned by most “non-social” large-company mutual funds and exchange traded funds, including those in employee retirement plans.

Greenvest is a socially responsible investment firm located in Vermont that helps people to achieve their financial goals while investing only in sectors and companies they believe in.

As proud members of NOFA and organic gardeners for years, we understand the revulsion to GMOs and the tactics utilized by GMO companies to subjugate farmers across the globe.

Without charge or obligation, we would be happy to review your existing portfolio to determine if you own any GMO companies (or other companies you wish to avoid such as fossil fuels) as well as evaluating your portfolio for performance and risk.

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