Meet & Greet

Hello! We are the Winooski Collective & site admin for FoodFightvt. 

We created this site from a need to network the many moving & evolving individuals in the Vermont food system. 

As more users login and start to use this site we wanted the first thread to be an opportunity for us all to introduce ourselves...


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My name is Ren! I am the owner/ sole proprietor of Miss Weinerz. Most of the time I make donuts and pastries out of my small home in Winooski. I am also proud to work at the Chittenden Foodshelf in Burlington. I co-created after struggling to meet & network as an activist, food service worker, small business owner & Vermont resident. We are blessed to have many AMAZING networks fighting for food justice in this state. Vermont is paving the way in SO many respects with contributions to the Food Systems conversation radically ahead of the curve. I am so excited and amazed to have be a part of those conversations and I sought this project as an opportunity to make those topics more accessible to everyone at their convenience. Because we all eat. I can't wait to meet you!
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My name is Trevor. I am a lover of local food and farmers, wild edibles and weeds, fertile soil, clean water and air. I believe in cooperative food networks that support local workers and ecologies. I demand food that is nutrient dense and produced in a way that regenerates damaged land and communities. I'm so happy to live in Vermont, and excited to be a part of the food system revolution we need. We can't wait for politicians to make it happen, so let's get this transformation rolling!
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My name is Mojo. I am a transplant from Ohio and am a cook, forager, carpenter, among other things. I approach food as my creative outlet, and as medicine. I believe that we must invest everything we can into our food system - money, time, energy and creativity. We must nurture our soil, because it's the only thing keeping us alive! I'm excited to be part of this new group and to see where we can take it. Onward!