Reaching Out!

Hey All!

My name is Delilah, I’m a bread and pastry baker new to Burlington. My partner and I moved here from southern VT at the beginning of the month with an aim to expand my cottage bakery. 

Obviously I've hit a major setback in the form of a global pandemic. I’ve been apart of the larger food industry for years, but am looking to insert myself in my new local food scene in an unprecedented time. I’m looking to help and for a helping hand.

I operate a cottage bakery and am able to safely produce and deliver naturally leavened (sourdough) breads and pastry. I would also like to help where I can. I’ve seen some local farmers struggling to find wholesale customers as our restaurants, bakeries and cafes slow or shut down. I’ve also seen consumers grappling with ways to feed and enjoy themselves, and support their neighbors during this time.

My aim is to set myself somewhere in the middle. I’m reaching out to local farmers and producers who are struggling with surplus and local food banks, markets, cafes, restaurants, and individuals who are in need of nourishing and fun food. I want to help my new community and also help my family stay afloat during these uncertain weeks and months. 

Please feel free to reach out. I have good faith in our local and state government, but feel strongly that it is up to us on the ground floor to keep the food supply chain going, especially in these early days.