Seasonal Potluck Series

Hi Folks,
We hope you can make it to our upcoming gathering on September 19th, at 5:30pm, at the Ethan Allen Pavilion! Please bring a dish or beverage to share! We’ll be enjoying a meal together, and touring the new perennial polyculture installation at the Winooski Valley Community Gardens.

We’ve been hard at work this Summer organizing a team dedicated to moving the mission and vision of Burlington Permaculture forward. After our ‘Crafting Creative Solutions’ gathering this Spring, it became clear that Burlington Permaculture could be an effective organizing structure (a collective vehicle, if you will) for projects and workshops in and around Burlington. Thus the Cross-Pollinator Potluck Series was born as an opportunity for folks to network, share good ideas, and build momentum for grassroots, community-driven projects.

After some consideration, we’ve decided to create some distinct learning opportunities, while honoring the idea of the community potluck series. And so, as Summer draws to a close, we are excited to launch our Seasonal Cross-Pollinator’s Potluck series! These potlucks, or community gatherings, will be scheduled loosely around the Solstices and Equinoxes (not ON those dates - we recognize many people have special commitments, celebrations, and ceremonies planning around the passage of the seasons), and will provide ongoing opportunities to network, celebrate, plan projects, share inspiration, sow seeds, and harvest the many benefits of a deeply-rooted community.

Let us know you can attend on our Facebook page (@burlington.permaculture), and we’ll look forward to seeing you there!