Seeking bakers and bread makers for programs at the Fletcher Free Library

I'm working with the Fletcher Free Library to do a series on international bread baking / bakers in our community. We are looking to find a number of bakers — professional or not — to do demonstrations and talks at the library throughout the summer. by BREAD we are thinking in the broadest term and might therefore include things like Injera, Crepes, Tortilla's, Chapati etc. Any recomendations?

Below is a blurb about the program:

“Burlington Rising is a series of lectures, workshops, and community discussions centered on the historical role of food, particularly bread, in human civilization - the connection to cultural identity, the development of cooperative economies and food systems, archaeological artifacts from Africa to New England and the cuisines brought to Vermont through immigration.  The goals we have set for Burlington Rising include bringing together culinary traditions of those who have built Burlington and Vermont; providing opportunities for people from a variety of backgrounds to learn from each other; educating our community about the historical significance of diet and food preparation; and engaging multiple generations in practical, enlightening and fun activities.


Burlington Rising is a continuation of the library’s efforts to ensure Burlington residents have access to enriching social interaction, educational programs and resources regardless of socio-economic status, cultural background, age or gender.”

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I am definitely interested in learning more and possibly getting inovlved depending on need/whatnot!
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Hi Ashley! Shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] and I'll tell you more :-)